1) Lives saved by air pollution drop in China:

77,000 lives in Chinese urban population (700 million in total) were likely saved in just 2 months due to the coronavirus lockdown. In the Czech Republic, at least a hundred lives could be saved within the same time period if half of the current smokers got involved in the campaign (learn more).

In fact, the effects of air pollution on human health are comparable to those of cigarette smoke.

At virtually no cost we can save more lives than the coronavirus takes away!

2) The ban on smoking in restaurants introduced in the Czech Republic in 2017 has resulted in a significant drop in hospital admissions, freeing hundreds of beds a day – let’s make thousands of beds available in the coming months (learn more).

For the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, this would mean saving between 2000 and 3000 beds per day, including intensive care unit (ICU) beds.

Thus, at the time of the epidemic, smokers could leave thousands of hospital places to other patients, relieving medical staff and rescue workers who are busy dealing with coronavirus.

Plese try not to smoke. Do it for our sake!

Thank you for your help!

What are the effects of (not) smoking?

The smoke components induce and maintain an inflammation in the lungs as well as in blood vessels of the heart and other organs. When you stop smoking, this inflammation recedes very quickly, reducing the risk of heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, asthma attack, susceptibility to infections and other diseases.

The decrease in the number of heart attacks occurs almost immediately, whereas there is a slight delay in the remaining diagnoses.

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On behalf of the implementation team, written by Dr. Radek Svoboda with the support of medical societies.